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What is SleepTIGHT? 

SleepTIGHT is a study being conducted at UCSF currently in recruitment. The study is a 9 week therapeutic trial focusing on treatment of insomnia via Somryst, an FDA-approved online therapeutic. Individuals with mild cognitive impairment and issues sleeping are encouraged to consider recruitment.  

Treatment Information:

Somryst:  A six-week therapy program delivered completely online via smart mobile device such as IPhone or tablet. The study team will meet weekly with individuals to establish training methods and guide participants throughout the course of the program. Time commitment for participants is about 35 minutes, once a week.

Follow-up measures will occur after the trial is over (approx 9 weeks after starting), and again after 6 months. The goal is to learn about the effectiveness of an online therapeutic to treat sleep problems in a senior population living with memory loss


Who May Participate?

People aged 65 and older, who:

  • Have mild trouble with thinking or processing
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Those with access to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet

Potential Benefits:

  • Benefits may include improvement in sleep quality and those who experience symptoms may experience slowed cognitive decline.
  • You will be helping researchers learn and understand more about sleep health and cognition. 
  • There may be a risk of excessive daytime sleepiness due to potential changes in sleep habits.

Get in Touch with Research Team:

Yue Leng, PhD: [email protected]

Bernard Landavazo: [email protected]

(Phone): 415) 340-2708